Feb 28, 2024 7:30 AM
Rotary Club of Key Largo Weekly Meeting
Florida Keys Healthy Start Coalition

The Florida Keys Healthy Start Coalition was founded in 1992 to provide needed prenatal and infant care services in a community with very unique geographic and socioeconomic challenges. Today, FKHSC is celebrating 30+ years of providing preventative services and support to ensure babies are born healthy to prepared parents, and that families in the Keys are educated, empowered, and thriving. Each year we provide assistance to over 75% of the babies born in Monroe County and serve families until their children reach kindergarten (and often beyond) resulting in thousands of children served annually.

As one of the few prevention agencies in our community, we have grown from our flagship Healthy Start program to a robust offering of services in order to meet families where they are. Our six core programs are comprised of over 15 initiatives all working to serve pregnant women, babies, and their families.  We provide a multitude of services including care coordination, case management, pregnancy and labor support, mental health counseling, labor doula services, transportation to prenatal, postpartum, and infant wellness appointments, child safety education and equipment, childbirth and breastfeeding classes, child development, parenting resources, and bereavement support for families experiencing the loss of a child. These services grow and evolve as the needs of our families evolve, always keeping with the goal of strengthening and supporting the health and well-being of pregnant women, parents, children, and families. 


For the last 18 years the Florida Keys Healthy Start Coalition has been led by Arianna Nesbitt, their CEO.  She has served Monroe County's pregnant women and families through empathic servant leadership, strong transparent business practices, and Keys-driven programmatic implementation. Along with the Coalition's Board of Directors and staff they put pregnant women and families at the heart of every decision. She considers it her extreme honor to lead such a compassionate, dedicated, highly educated, women and family-centered professional team.  Away from the office you will find Arianna spending most of her time with her seven amazing teens/young adults. When not parenting or working on behalf of the families in the Keys, Arianna enjoys photography, reading, gardening, and genuinely filling her life with travel, good food, great friends, laughter and gratitude.