Introducing the Court's Professionalism Panel in Monroe County
Nov 09, 2022
Albert Kelley
Introducing the Court's Professionalism Panel in Monroe County

Albert Kelly is the chairman of the Court's Professionalism Panel.  The Panel is comprised of lawyers, judges and court administration.  This Panel works to improve the professional behavior of all attorneys throughout Monroe County. If anyone has a concern over an attorney's ethical behavior, it is the organization that they should reach out to to file a complaint. The panel is working to increase our public exposure  in case people have issues that need to be addressed.

Albert graduated cum laude from Florida State University College of Law in 1989. He started practicing law in 1990 with a small Key West firm and opened his own law office in the summer of 1995. While his law practice was built primarily on business law and intellectual property, he also handled landlord/tenant matters, contracts, and entertainment law. He also has experience in criminal and family law, foreclosure, and small claims.  On the business side, Albert has been corporate counsel to over two hundred corporations, and has filed countless trademark and copyright applications. Albert has negotiated contracts with publicly traded companies including Apple Computers, Harley Davidson, and Ralston Purina. He served for three years as an adjunct professor for St. Leo University, and since 1999 has written a business law column for various Key West newspapers. Al has also published five law books. 

            In 2008, Albert Kelley was certified by the Supreme Court of Florida as a civil circuit mediator. In May 2009, the Florida Supreme Court and the Florida Bar recognized Al with the Florida Bar President's Pro Bono Service Award. Attending the presentation was Al's prior employer, Ricky Polston, the previous Chief Justice of Florida's Supreme Court. In 2015, Al became a Magistrate for the 16th Judicial Circuit Court, and also acts as a Magistrate for the City of Key West. He currently serves on the 16th Judicial Circuit’s Pro Bono Committee and is the Chairman of the 16th Judicial Circuit’s Professionalism Panel.

            On August 23, 2022, Albert was elected as County Court Judge-Group One located in Key West and will start in that position on January 3, 2023.